Credits and Costs

To participate in the AirwaySim's simulations after the free trial period you must have Credits on your AirwaySim user account. Purchasing the Credits at AirwaySim's site is easy, safe and fast process and playing AirwaySim is also very affordable.

AirwaySim Credits

To join the full (non-demo) game worlds you must have Credits on your user account. The Credits are virtual tokens that you buy from our online store and use them to join the game worlds.

There is no recurring automated billing or monthly subscription model - you only pay when you play; fair for everyone.

We are using the Credits as the account value measurement unit instead of regular money (like Dollars) as they are currency independent, and with Credits-based system we can also offer discounts and other features more easily.

The Credits on your account will never expire (unless your account itself expires as inactive). Please see details about the terms (such as the refund policy) at the Terms of Service page.

To buy the Credits please visit the Credits Store.

Free Demo

We offer also fully functional free 7-day trial with all the features and data available. The free demo mode is available only within certain game worlds and is limited to one 7-day trial period per person (n.b. creating a new account to get a new trial period is not allowed).

No strings attached, no credit card required, no commitments or hidden fees - just create an account, try it out, and we hope you like it 😊

By purchasing Credits you may continue playing with the same airline within the same game world without disruptions after the trial period ends.

You can read more about from this chapter of our manual.

Cost of Playing AirwaySim

You use AirwaySim Credits to pay for the membership to each game world you wish to play.

The price of each game world may vary, but in normal cases each game world has a fixed 5 Credits fee to join the game, and after the first week the billing is recurring with the cost of 1 Credit for each (real time) game week you are a member of that particular game.

You can join as many different AirwaySim game worlds at the same time as you like, and each of them are billed individually and separately from your AirwaySim Credits balance.

If you leave the game world (declare bankruptcy, and end your membership in that particular game world) then the Credits billing for that game world will cease automatically. You can view your active game world memberships at the Game Area's main page.

A sample calculation of the Credits cost: A game world lasting for three months (13 weeks) costs you 5 Credits to join initially, and after the first week 1 Credit per each week for the remaining 12 weeks, totalling 17 Credits.

You can easily see the required Credits to complete each game world from the Game Area's main page.

Overall, playing AirwaySim is very affordable - approximately 0.1 EUR / USD per day, or 3-5 EUR / USD in a month (depending on how long you play and what are the currency exchange ratios).

Purchasing Credits

Please head over to our online store to order AirwaySim Credits and to view their prices.

You can top up your account at any time you like, and the Credits will be added to your account instantly after you have completed and paid the order. We offer a wide variety of payment options, with for example all major credit cards, PayPal and Google Pay.

There are no other handling or shipping fees or taxes added on top of the price. What you see on the ordering page is the final billed amount. All necessary taxes and other costs are included in the final billed amount.

Please note that our only available billing currency is currently the Euro (€). While the system will attempt to convert the sums to your local currency for reference the final billing is made in Euros and then converted to your local currency by your bank.

Billing Cycle

Each game world is billed automatically from your AirwaySim account's Credit balance at a given date and time, corresponding to the date/time you first joined that particular game. You can view details from the game's Dashboard about this.

Running Out of Credits

If your account happens to be low on Credits, you will be notified well in advance in the game interface and via e-mail.

Be careful: If at the date/time of the next weekly Credits payment cycle your account balance is zero, your airline will be closed!

Thus, make sure you always have Credits on your account if you wish to keep playing.

Remember that there is no automated billing to your credit card or PayPal account. If the AirwaySim Credit balance is running low you must do the purchase yourself.


Like with all other operations, we offer also a clear and fair refund policy. Since AirwaySim is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods in the form of usage rights to our online software there are a few things to note: 

The refund policy is limited to 30 days after the purchase, and to the amount of Credits left at your account. In other words the Credits already used to join/play a game cannot be refunded since you have used them to access our software. Also a minimum refundable amount equivalent to 5 AirwaySim Credits exists since we cannot process refunds of tiny amounts.

Please remember to try out the 7-day free trial before your purchase 😉

Please refer the Terms of Service page for full details.

Why AirwaySim is not free?

Many things in internet are free these days you may sometimes ask this question. The answer is quite simple and usually the software and its realism and quality speak for itself.

AirwaySim is operated by a small independent company from Finland. The software has been developed over a very long period - first development started already in late 2006. Although the software developers and server administrators are not full-time employed by this project, the work hours put into this project are immense. Naturally also hosting the dedicated servers on a professional-level server hotel is not free either, combined with other expenses. The administration is also on 24/7 watch to monitor the game worlds and to make sure all is working properly - both hardware and software.

Also keep in mind that AirwaySim is, and will be, completely ad free and we will not sell your personal data. The simulation is strictly not pay-to-win either!

As a small company we operate with honest and open business policies. When you join the game world you get all the features the simulation has to offer and you don't have to pay extra to get some of them to your airline. You cannot purchase advantages in the game with real money, and everyone are at the same level.