Free Trial & Demo

For all new players we offer a fully free 7-day trial of AirwaySim simulations.

You can try out the game without any cost or commitment for the period of 7 days and if you wish to continue to play further you will need to purchase AirwaySim Credits.

How To Access The Demo

The free demo mode is available only within certain game worlds and is limited to one 7-day trial period per person.

If you have not yet played the free trial, the AirwaySim Game Area lists all the games where the trial is available for you. Joining that particular game does not cost anything, no credit card, or any form of pre-payment or commitment is required. Simply click to join, and you can be a member of that game until your 7-day period is up.

If you have previously already started the trial, but ended it earlier than the 7 days is up, you can join another trial game and continue until you reach the trial's week-long limit. But do remember that the 7-day period keeps running as long as you are a member of that particular game world, no matter if you login to the system or not.

The free trial mode is usually in the Beginner's World scenario which is a easy and sandbox type game world that has limited amount of players and generally easier economic settings than in the other games, but still a good way to sample the features and learn the basics.

After The Trial Period

After your trial is over, and you if wish to continue to play further (we sure hope you do! 🙂), you'll need to purchase AirwaySim Credits.

Please make sure you purchase the Credits before the trial period runs out.

If you do not have any Credits on your account when the trial ends your airline will be closed. With Credits you can continue playing with the same airline until the end of that particular game world.

You can of course choose to join any other available game world for more challenges.

Please remember that creating an another account, or multiple accounts, to access the free 7-day period again is not allowed and might get you banned from the system. Fair play - one trial per each person.