AirwaySim's Principles

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AirwaySim is a high-quality and high-realism online airline management simulation game.


AirwaySim operates as a massively multiplayer online simulation/game (MMOG).

Each player controls his own airline in a simulation game where other real people around the world are playing in the same virtual environment, called a game world or game scenario.

The broad game play principle is to create your airline, manage and expand it, and to make it operate fluently and to keep it profitable. The actions of other players directly also affect how your airline will succeed.

The game data and the game software are located on AirwaySim servers which process the data at regular intervals - there is no software download or app installation needed. 

Game Worlds

AirwaySim has several different game worlds running at the same time with varying eras, themes and setups, and you can play in any of these, even many at the same time.

In each of these games the player controls his own airline, and competes against other airline managers.

You can set your own path since the simulation is a fully open world and we do not set any targets or goals for you - create your own kind of airline!

In AirwaySim there are various statistics that can be used to compare airlines, but each airline can have very different business plans and strategies.

The game worlds can also be called scenarios, or sometimes as servers, but they all refer to the same concept.

All the game worlds are independent from each others. Airlines are not carried over from game to another (this is because the settings and time/era of each world varies considerably). You may play at different worlds at the same time.

All the games can be accessed from the AirwaySim Game Area.

Simulation Time

The simulation time moves forward continuously, and players can log in and log out on any time they wish and the game progresses forward regardless if any single player has been online or not.

The servers make several background calculations all the time to calculate the results and outcomes of the management moves and decisions the players make. Decisions made by one player can and may have direct impacts on the gameplay of some other player (depending on the situation of course).

A few more details about the time progress is available here.

Play Anywhere

Since everything works at our servers, AirwaySim is computer/device independent.

You can login at one computer, make your decisions and moves, and then later switch to another computer and see what you did previously on the other computer.

Note also there are no "Save" buttons - all data is automatically and instantly updated to the servers and visible to other players right after you have completed each action.

AirwaySim is a multiplayer simulation with each player being a real human being also controlling a their own airlines like all the other players.

Simulation Over a Game

AirwaySim aims to be a high-quality and realistic simulation of airline management.

This is not a simple & silly kids game, nor pay-to-win game like many others out there these days, but instead a simulation for the true aviation enthusiasts and management game fans.

AirwaySim is developed by aviation professionals. Development is lead by an airline captain working for an European flag carrier airline. In our mind, the software is "never ready", and the aim is to improve it at regular basis.

As a testimony to the quality of our work, the AirwaySim simulation software (with some modifications) is used also as an educational tool for several universities around the world.


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