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We offer community-based support, and a direct contact channel to AirwaySim's developer.

Game Play Related Support and Questions

Support in all gameplay related issues is available from our forums and at our Discord channel.

At our forums, please post your question to the proper subforum for fastest possible reply from the community.

Please also consult other parts of our documentation at this website.

Billing and Account Issues, Other Questions

For all other enquiries please contact the administration by using the contact form at our website.

If your message is related to your user account please be sure to include your username for faster processing.

If your question is about payments please mention the order number if possible.

Custom Educational or Corporate Use

If you are interested in using our airline simulation for educational purposes please visit the dedicated presentation website at

Company Information

AirwaySim - Online Airline Simulation software is produced and managed by AviaDesign Ky, Finland.

EU VAT ID: FI 07550531.

AirwaySim is a registered trademark at the US Patent Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Contact Form

Please contact the AirwaySim administration by using the contact form at our website.